Global Business

JWI helps commercial clients penetrate new markets and participate in development programs by connecting them with key public officials, potential private sector partners, risk-reducing intelligence and project funding options.

Market entry and expansion. Leveraging our international ties, JWI identifies sales opportunities and appropriate infrastructure development projects, and introduces clients to those in a position to finalize or influence decisions. These individuals can include officials responsible for development projects or government/military procurement or licensing, as well as targeted private-sector executives. We then manage arrangements for high-level introductory and follow-up meetings, and identify reliable local and international partners as needed. JWI offers special expertise in representing clients in aerospace and defense, information and communications technology, energy, security and mineral resources.

Business Intelligence. JWI reduces corporate risk by conducting accurate, beneath-the-obvious assessments of potential partners, possible ventures and site-specific political conditions. In addition, JWI offers specialized financial intelligence services, critical to tracking and understanding the financial activities of potential partners, competitors and adversaries.

Investment. JWI helps commercial clients find additional financial resources for their business ventures. We advise them on how to attract and qualify for funding from bilateral and multilateral institutions, and through our many global contacts, connect clients with potential private-sector investment sources.