Crosshatch International
Security and Intelligence

As threats to civil, political, and economic life escalate, robust security and intelligence programs have become an essential responsibility of government and industry. JWI’s specialized Security and Intelligence functions are delivered through its subsidiary, Crosshatch International.

Crosshatch is distinguished by an exclusively international focus and a commitment to helping clients improve or enhance their own security and intelligence capabilities. Its senior intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement professionals all have extensive international experience and understand differences in people, politics and cultures.  All are senior practitioners who have firsthand knowledge of Western and U.S. security and intelligence best-practices.

The result is customized, country-specific solutions that go beyond long-distance recommendations.  Crosshatch’s services include both strategic consulting and tactical training options, all intended to enhance and improve our clients’ sustainable security and intelligence programs, and always based on a country’s specific needs and resources. Crosshatch can build and optimize a country’s national security structure, develop a tactical counterterrorism program, design and construct operations centers, provide intelligence analysis training, study and recommend improved infrastructure security procedures (including pipeline security), and provide in-depth security assessments of critical infrastructure. Crosshatch also offers world-class expertise in the fields of aviation and maritime security, and has a stable of renowned professionals in the areas of law enforcement, public safety and money-laundering detection.

The Crosshatch difference. Smaller than other companies offering similar services, Crosshatch is uniquely able to devote extraordinarily experienced, senior people to each engagement. This, combined with the fact that we rely on referrals from satisfied clients rather than costly advertisements to grow, means that we can provide our incomparable services at a reasonable cost. Teaming with Crosshatch means teaming with individuals who care deeply about the quality, effectiveness and positive outcomes of the services we provide. As a company, our objective is to establish a long-term partnership with clients and continue to provide high-value service well beyond a particular engagement.

Crosshatch Services

High-Level Training Seminars. Crosshatch conducts customized training seminars for senior officials on topics such as national/municipal/facility intelligence management, intelligence personnel selection and document security procedures. Instructors customize lesson plans and tailor seminars to clients’ needs and role.

Intelligence Collection Training. Crosshatch trains designated personnel in urban intelligence collection based specifically on the counterterrorism intelligence system designed and created by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) after 9/11. This non-traditional, bottom-up threat detection system, called Zone-Based Intelligence Collection, has proven especially effective against local ad hoc threats that emerge independent of any organized hierarchy or centralized command/control. Crosshatch’s team is led by a former Assistant Deputy Police Commissioner at NYPD who is credited with being the architect and implementer of the current NYPD counterterrorism program.

Analysis Training. Many intelligence failures occur not because of insufficient information or data, but because information is poorly analyzed.  Crosshatch analysis training ranges from basic analysis training to more advanced training building on a country’s existing capabilities. Crosshatch develops tailored programs that produce high-quality intelligence analysts capable of applying techniques and methodologies used by the CIA and other prominent intelligence agencies around the world.

Additional Training Programs. Crosshatch also offers operational tradecraft courses and advanced training in VIP protection, emergency medical procedures, surveillance and counter surveillance techniques, counterterrorism training, border and crowd control, counter assault team training, K9 training, as well as small arms training.