Nta Legal Ventures

Nta Legal Ventures

Municipal Law: The firm represents local authorities, water and sanitation companies and other municipal companies in various legal matters, including real estate, infrastructure, large public tenders and innovative projects. Shibolet uses a unique multidisciplinary methodology that presents the full range of legal knowledge under one roof. Our highly qualified team of more than 270 full-time law firms offers comprehensive services in commercial and corporate law: “The team is very business-oriented and looks not only at the legal aspects of a transaction, but also at the commercial aspects.” M&A, Corporate & Commercial: Shibolet`s Corporate & Commercial practice serves clients worldwide. Most of the firm`s activities are conducted in English, with legal advice on the sale and acquisition of companies and assets. The firm has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and private equity, transactional work, advisory and negotiation of foreign and local clients as well as private equity and other investments. The company`s entrepreneurial DNA is the driving force behind Shibolet`s operations. Our practices are leaders in identifying, researching and mastering new legal solutions and providing value-added services to our clients, such as innovative business tools and business development solutions. We use legal technology solutions in our daily legal work for the benefit of our clients and value efficiency and accuracy. We offer new types of value-added services such as Shibolet ESG.

Shibolet ESG was founded to help companies manage the complexity of customer expectations and supplier requirements related to various social and environmental issues. Our clients benefit from the best consulting services thanks to a holistic approach that leverages Shibolet`s legal expertise in compliance and a complementary “Beyond Compliance” solution. Founded in 1973, Shibolet & Co. is one of Israel`s largest and most respected full-service commercial law firms, building on an outstanding heritage of developing tailored legal solutions in developing market sectors. The firm is widely regarded as a powerhouse for business-oriented legal services, expertise and insight. Labour and Employment Law: The firm`s experienced team provides ongoing legal advice to management on a wide range of employment-related matters, including the labour and employment aspects of complex M&A, APA and IPO transactions, as well as the drafting, review and interpretation of group and individual employment contracts and human resources policies. The company has prepared and implemented numerous ESOP plans, both for Israeli companies and for international companies with Israeli subsidiaries. “The team, led and led by lawyer Gil Rosenberg, proved to be very competent and up-to-date with the legal situation involved, dealing with various complex and diverse legal issues.

The team has demonstrated a high level of expertise, professionalism, analysis and resolution of outstanding legal issues in accordance with the client`s business interests, short- and long-term, tactical and strategic business interests, objectives and constraints, all in an efficient, professional and above all practical manner. “We have always experienced the same level of service expected from the world`s largest companies. We work regularly and closely with Lior Aviram, a world-class negotiator with a sharp approach to business. We also work regularly with Eyal Gilboa, who is a highly experienced practitioner with excellent client relations skills. He has a remarkable ability to manage, monitor and resolve complex transactional and legal issues. Pro bono activities: The company attaches great importance to supporting non-profit organizations. Shibolet provides pro bono legal advice to The Israel Spirit, A Different Lesson (Shiur Acher), Symphony Ra`anana Orchestra, Ramat Hadassah and Kiryat Yearim Youth Villages, Keren Shemesh and other NGOs. Shibolet`s partners serve on the boards of several non-profit organizations such as Hillel Israel and DocAviv. “Ish-Shalom provides professional legal advice that responds to traditional disputes, as well as close, personal attention and quick response to every question and case. He is a very demanding lawyer who is always a few steps ahead of everyone else. “Very experienced legal team and individuals. Personal approach.

CLIENT: VATBOX LTD COMPANY: Shibolet & Co. TESTIMONIAL Law Firm: The Shibolet team is an inseparable part of VATBOX`s current business and works exclusively on the legal affairs of our company. The members of the legal team represented our interests in the most professional manner. In addition to providing excellent legal advice, the Shibolet team has led our company to excellence. In addition to their excellent services, which value attention to detail and responsiveness, the Shibolet team has handled our employment file, regulations, privacy and security with great expertise, covering almost every aspect of VATBOX`s legal business. We have already worked with various major Israeli law firms as well as international law firms, without a doubt the Shibolet team, led by partner Gadi Ouzan, is one of the best legal teams we have worked with. CLIENT: AXILION CLIENT:– PRYTEK LAW FIRM: Shibolet & Co. TESTIMONIAL Law Firm: We cooperate with Shibolet in all matters related to the company`s legal activities in Israel, including venture capital investments, financing, mergers and acquisitions, business commitments, corporate governance, etc.

Shibolet represented Prytek in a transaction with Israeli fintech company Tipranks and in an investment and share purchase transaction with HackerU Global. In both transactions, which involved highly complex legal mechanisms, the exceptional team led by Lior Aviram provided advice at the highest level, combining exceptional professionalism, innovative and problem-solving approaches and business-oriented strategies. Lior Aviram stands out for its strategic thinking and holistic approach. Shibolet & Co. was founded in 1973.