Omaha World Herald Legal Notices

Omaha World Herald Legal Notices

The Daily Record is an American daily newspaper based in Douglas County, Nebraska. We publish a variety of legal opinions, including notices of name changes, notices of organization, trade names, notices of dissolution and notices of registration. I see clues in my local newspaper that implicated a lawyer. Is this a prerequisite for publication? The Freedom Center is also home to its three printing presses, each capable of printing 75,000 papers per hour and considered one of the most advanced in the world. [41] The public announcements on this website were first published in a designated newspaper in Nebraska; They are then uploaded to this website as a public service of the Nebraska Press Association and its members, which includes all Nebraska newspapers. As requirements vary, call us at (402) 345-1303, email legals@omahadailyrecord.com or fax us at (402) 345-2351 for more information. Search for a wide range of topics or search for general interest, health, law, biography or any other topic for popular full-text journals and journal articles and other resources. Our deadline for legal publicity is usually 2 p.m. Publishing your Nebraska LLC organization notice in a law journal is a bit of an “old-fashioned” process. Most legal newspapers in Nebraska charge “per line.” And prices vary by newspaper: the newspaper was the last in the world to print both daily morning and afternoon editions, a practice that ended in March 2016.

[2] We comply with legal and public announcement requirements. We are not affiliated with the courts and cannot provide legal advice. Public notices are an essential part of the legal process, as they inform taxpayers and citizens of planned or ongoing actions taken by government agencies or courts that may affect them individually or their personal property. Public newspaper announcements fulfill these important steps in the judicial process: accessible, archivable, independent and verifiable. The newspaper also owned part of the world`s largest voting equipment manufacturer and election operations service provider, Omaha-based Election Systems and Software. It sold[35] its stake in the company it had acquired in 1986[36] in 2011 for an undisclosed amount. This website is a compilation of public announcements that are first published in Nebraska newspapers. Notices are continually updated based on the publication date of each newspaper. This is a freely accessible website with a variety of search features. There is no charge for any government agency to support this website.

Rather, it is a public service of Nebraska newspapers to disseminate this information as widely as possible to Nebraska taxpayers and citizens. Public notices contain important information that serves a number of purposes. Although this website is freely accessible and the content is made freely available to the public, the website offers an expedited email delivery feature with personalized keyword or keyphrase research. There is a fee for expedited delivery, but not for the content that is delivered. For example, contractors can receive all offers posted in any of Nebraska`s 93 counties within hours of they are posted. For a more specific search, such as roofing, simply define the search terms or phrases. If you want to rely on your company`s public announcements or just track certain information, sign up to use Smart Search for a free trial during our launch phase of this new website. After that, subscription fees would apply. Pursuant to sections 25 through 523 of the revised Nebraska statutes, a newspaper is considered a legal newspaper (for the purpose of publishing legal and official notices) if it meets the following conditions. The World Herald brought the ABC network to Omaha in 1957 when it opened its television station. The ABC subsidiary, which opened the newspaper on the 15th. September 1957,[17] was broadcast on channel 7 under the letters KETV.

KETV was marketed as “Omaha World-Herald Television” and was owned by Herald Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of World Publishing Co. It was the third largest television station in the Omaha area, behind WOWT and KMTV-TV. The Omaha World-Herald is a daily newspaper in the Midwest. It was locally owned from its founding in 1885 until 2020, when it was sold to Lee Enterprises by its last local owner, Warren Buffett, president of Omaha-based Berkshire Hathaway. However, these are the rules; The easiest way is to call the log and ask, as mentioned below. In 2011, Warren Buffett, a native of Omaha, bought the newspaper for $200 million through his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway. [6] The newspaper`s stock had a compound annual growth rate of 18% from 1985 to 2007,[7] but the 2008 global financial crisis hit it financially. It is said that the staff is willing to pay with the blessing of the Kiewit Foundation: although the newspaper was able to maintain a circulation penetration rate in its domestic market that ranked seventh in the United States,[8] its circulation[9] had dropped to 170,455 per day at the time of sales and 228,344 on Sundays. In 1962, the World Publishing Company, wholly owned by the heirs of the Hitchcock/Doorly families, was about to sell The World-Herald to the Newhouse chain, but instead accepted an offer from local construction magnate Peter Kiewit.

[23] Upon his death, Kiewit left provisions in his will to ensure that the newspaper would remain locally owned, with much of the plan guaranteeing employee ownership. [24] The newspaper[15] closed its Washington, D.C. office in 2020. It was one of the first – if not the first – metropolitan newspapers outside the capital region to open its own office in Washington, D.C., with archives[16] dating back to at least 1893 and bearing signatures from the World Herald`s office in the capital. While there are no penalties for non-publication and the law allows you to correct this omission at any time, this last sentence implies that the shares of the corporation or LLC are not valid until they publish the affidavit of publication and file it with the Secretary of State. Mobile: For more information, use the “Next” and “Previous” links (below). You can also drag the table left and right with your thumb. Here`s what a proof of publication/affidavit of publication might look like: a. “How do I send you the text of my ad for the organization`s opinion? Do you have an email address to send it to? b. “Do I have to pay extra for proof of publication, or is it included in the price of the ad? Below are 2 versions of sample newspaper ads for your Nebraska LLC organization notice. The World Herald was the largest employee-owned newspaper in the United States from 1979 to 2011: Omaha construction mogul Peter Kiewit bought the paper and its television station, the local subsidiary ABC, in 1962 for $40.1 million from Omaha-based World Publishing Co. After Kiewit`s death in 1979, he arranged for the newspaper to be sold to his employees.

[3] At the time, the newspaper[4] reported a daily circulation of 235,589 and a Sunday circulation of 301,682. LLC University® Recommendation: Make two copies of this document and keep it with your business records. This copy is important because it is stamped by the Secretary of State of Nebraska. Enjoy unlimited access to NYTimes.com and the New York Times mobile app. When the 24-hour license expires, return to this page to review another one. In addition to the table below (which comes from the Nebraska Press Association), they also provide a useful newspaper location map, which may be easier to use. Nebraska LLC Act, Section 21-117 Nebraska LLC Act, Section 21-185 Nebraska LLC Act, Section 21-189 Nebraska LLC Act, Section 21-193 Nebraska Definition of Legal Journal Nebraska Corporations Title: Notification Rules Hi Tammy, if you look at Section 21-193 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes (this is the section on publication), you will find that there is no need for an attorney to be registered. I hope that helps. In 2012, it purchased the Waco Tribune and Bryan-College Station Eagle, both in Texas, for an undisclosed price.

In 2012, the company, now owned by Berkshire Hathaway, bought all of Media General Company`s assets, including the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Tulsa World, for $142 million in cash; The agreement did not include Media General`s Tampa Tribune property. The company also bought WPLG-TV, ABC`s Miami affiliate, under Berkshire Hathaway. You`re welcome, Tammy! It`s always a good idea to 🙂 Looking for the Omaha World Herald? NewsBank offers library card holders instant access to issues and archives of the World Herald, as well as hundreds of other English and Spanish newspapers across the country. Food for thought. In your article, you state: “There is no time limit and there is no sanction for non-compliance with the publication obligation”. White, it is true that the Secretary of State of Nebraska does not actively enforce this law, it is important to note that this is a legal requirement.