Why X Law School Essay Example

Why X Law School Essay Example

In this simple essay, the author went on to describe how X Law`s decision to invite Lee despite pressure from mainland China demonstrated his commitment to freedom of expression. To fulfill this request, you need to find a clear reason or motivation to apply to that particular law school. Research the school`s curriculum, culture, values and mission and demonstrate your knowledge in your answer. For example, if you`re applying to Harvard Law School, since it`s arguably the best law program in the country, tell them why you agree the program is excellent and why a top-notch legal education is so important to you personally. Elective trials should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions, just like other academic essays. A typical word count for the optional essay is only 250 words, although some schools require students to submit multiple elective essays or allow a larger number of words. Schools like Stanford and Yale are among the best schools that only allow 250 words for electives. I also have personal reasons for applying to the University of Michigan. I`m originally from the Midwest and would rather stay in the area to study law.

In addition, I took the opportunity to visit the law school campus and was impressed not only by the quality of the students I met, but also by the collegiality I saw in the student body. I found the University of Michigan to be a place where bright, motivated students pushed themselves to succeed and wanted to see their classmates flourish as well. This is the kind of law school environment I hope to experience. This may be a silly question, but do you title all your essays “Why X” “Why X”? Or do you find another title? If a law school wants to know “Why School X” in an essay, it will ask you to address this either in the personal statement or in a special optional essay. If a school doesn`t ask, it doesn`t care. It`s as simple as that. They could easily ask if they wanted to. If they don`t, they`ll be very happy if you spend your allowed word count in any other way. I realize that if I were admitted, I would have to find an apartment closer to the school than to us. But the University of Pennsylvania Law School is the only institution where I can get a first-rate legal education without destroying the roots we worked on during our years in Dover, and also avoid getting into debt to the family far beyond the cost of law school. So I`m really lucky that Penn Law is also the school I`m most looking forward to. In fact, if I were admitted, I wouldn`t even complain if I somehow fell through the floor of a conference room during one of Professor Feldman`s tort classes.

However, some things you need to keep in mind when writing your own elective essay for law school are to avoid repeating the information you shared in your personal statement or other parts of your application, using your elective essay strategically and following the instructions you receive for the command prompt. One of the most common prompts is “Why do you want to attend X Law School?”, although various law schools may provide a list of prompts for students to choose from. If you`re not sure how to start writing an elective essay or brainstorming ideas, law school admissions tips can help you develop the writing and research skills you need to create a great essay. Or you can read our examples below for help and inspiration in writing your own. Can someone point me to an example of a “Why X” essay? I was able to read many examples of personal statements before writing my own, but googling “why X essay” (naturally) did not yield anything in return. TIA. Optional essays should be used strategically to strengthen your application. This can be a useful tool to tell the admissions committee of the law school of your choice or give them additional information about why you should be considered for admission. Many of the top law schools in the United States strongly encourage students to submit an essay or optional statement as well, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, and Duke University, to name a few. There are, of course, the usual reasons I want to attend University of Michigan Law School, such as the impressive history, architectural beauty, and collegiate environment.

However, it was the early summer program and the dual study option in social work that proved to be a turning point in my decision to apply as an early decision candidate. The Summer Starter Program allows for flexible scheduling of first-year courses, the ability to take multiple electives, and time to settle in Ann Arbor. With respect to the option of dual studies in social work, it was refreshing to note that concurrent admission to the Master of Social Work and Legal Studies program is not required. Some law schools encourage students to submit an elective essay as part of their application. If you are considering applying to a law school in Canada, for example at the University of Toronto, an optional essay is highly recommended as part of your OLSAS application. If you`re looking for potential law schools in Canada, it`s also a good idea to check their admission requirements. Other common calls for elective essays in law schools will involve asking you unusual or original questions, sometimes similar to law school interview questions, to see what kind of unique and exceptional answers you will submit. Other optional questions will be relatively easy to answer, such as “What is your favorite book?” or “What are your main extracurricular interests?” These questions may seem simple for a 250-word essay, but it`s important to always tie your answer to your motivation to apply to law school and reveal something relevant about yourself. An optional essay at law school is an additional secondary essay that you can submit as part of your law school application. As the name suggests, they are not always required of students and are different from a personal statement from law school. For example, Law School Diversity Statement is a voluntary essay common in the United States and Canada. An optional essay is similar in structure and intent to a personal statement, but is usually written in response to a specific prompt.

Optional essays are usually submitted at the same time as your main application. In this story of growing interest, the author explained how she became increasingly convinced that School X had the qualities she valued most. The university does not require an optional essay in its applications, but it does provide a quick list for those who decide to submit one. “What if these prospects fell apart up there? Would Penn have a different duty to them than Penn did to you? They didn`t pay the tuition – I bet they didn`t even pay their tuition fees! This hypothesis, put forward by Professor Eric Feldman during a tort course, elicited laughter from the students present and eight visitors (including myself). After the laughter subsided, three students answered the question seriously (unfortunately, no one seemed to believe that Penn would have a great duty to us, poor wounded prospects), and Professor Feldman moved from there to another hypothesis. Throughout the lesson, students were well prepared and actively and intelligently participated in the discussion. The students and faculty demonstrated what I most seek in my legal study experience: a rigorous, intellectual examination of the law that takes place in a collegial and relatively relaxed atmosphere. Other students I spoke to and observed that day reinforced my impression. Just like the conversations I had with my friend Priya, Penn Law `08.

She spoke enthusiastically about the academic and theoretical foundations she received at Penn and the benefits she gave her during her internship, corporate law, and now in the Philadelphia office D.A. Priya has also given rave reviews about Penn`s professors (notably Geoffrey Hazard) and the atmosphere of the school. I visited schools where students were relaxed and happy, and I spoke to students where the studies were intense and strict. Penn Law is the only place I`ve personally come across that has all of these qualities at once, and that`s why Penn is my first choice for law school. Most “Why X” essays read like Mad Libs, where the candidate inserts different classes and clinics into a single model. This one feels like it was written from scratch for Penn. He is also brand-compliant, highlighting the author`s interest in LGBT rights, and he does a masterful job of saying that Penn Law will help him turn that brand into a fulfilling career. There are also other, more baroque ways of asking, “Why School X.” Penn Law School`s optional command prompt is an example: look for law schools you`re considering.

If there is a law school that is important to you, research that school and write a personal statement tailored to that school. Go to their website, ideally visit the law school, and then you can really discuss why you want to attend that school, be part of a particular program, or study with a private professor. While it requires extra work, it`s worth it if you really want to get into a specific law school. It makes a difference if I can say that a candidate really wants to participate in Boalt. Reading examples of elective essays in law schools is a wonderful way to learn more about the format and expectations of this complementary application component of law school. Law school electives, such as a continuing letter of interest, are a useful tool to draw attention to your application and help you increase your chances of being accepted. While there is some disagreement about whether optional essays are still needed, it is important to know how to write them well. In this blog, we`ll learn what law school electives are, how to write them, some common suggestions that schools ask for elective essays, and some examples of elective essays to help you write your own.