JWI is a premier Washington, D.C.-based political and business consulting firm with an exclusively international practice. Its effectiveness stems from the high-level experience and global contacts of its people: senior internationalists from the U.S. intelligence and diplomatic communities, as well as leading security and financial intelligence specialists. These individuals discreetly apply their knowledge of issues, processes, and decision-makers to execute strategies that achieve client goals.


Supporting national governments, global business, and international political interests, JWI services span economic and political advocacy, investment promotion, security and intelligence programs, financial intelligence, digital advocacy, and reputation management.


The people of JWI deliver a world of contacts and inside knowledge developed over decades of high-ranking service in U.S. intelligence, government relations and security agencies, as well as in international business and investment.


For almost two decades, JWI has advanced the interests of more than 15 sovereign governments, multinational corporations, political movements and NGOs worldwide. Provided are partial lists of JWI’s current and former clients, and case studies of JWI accomplishments.