Security and Intelligence

As threats to civil, political, and economic life escalate, robust security and intelligence programs have become an essential responsibility of government and industry. JWI’s specialized Security and Intelligence functions are delivered through its subsidiary, Crosshatch International. Crosshatch is led by senior intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement professionals who directly develop customized, country-specific solutions for each security challenge.

Crosshatch is distinguished by:

  • Exclusively international engagements
  • World-class security and intelligence specialists
  • Firsthand knowledge of best practices and advanced systems, tailored to the environment and the threat
  • Seasoned, in-depth understanding of each country’s people, politics, and culture
  • Focus on building in-country capabilities, with solutions that extend beyond risk analysis and long-distance recommendations to training in-country personnel and constructing in-country facilities
  • Committed, on-site engagement of security and intelligence elite

Crosshatch programs address:

  • Counterterrorism
  • Intelligence analysis training
  • Energy infrastructure security, including pipeline security
  • Critical infrastructure protection, including security for airports and other transportation facilities
  • Maritime security
  • Law enforcement and public safety
  • Counternarcotics and arms smuggling
  • Money laundering

Crosshatch services span the lifecycle of security and intelligence programs:

  • Situation analysis. Experts evaluate the client’s current safety/security status, determine the gaps and strengths in any existing programs, and define opportunities for improvements.
  • Program design. In cooperation with a client’s designated officials, Crosshatch develops realistic, detailed, actionable safety/security plans.
  • Comprehensive, sophisticated training. Crosshatch builds multi-level in-country capacity — from national officials to local first responders — to implement programs. Training can encompass sophisticated intelligence collection and analysis, operational and tradecraft instruction, modern law enforcement techniques and public safety, and homeland security practices — the range of abilities required to implement proven-successful programs and techniques. In addition to in-country training, training can take place in the U.S. through federal, state, and local agencies, training institutes, and private/NGO program sites.
  • Facility construction. Turnkey solutions can include cost-effective design and construction of new facilities essential to a program, such as operations centers and command centers.
  • Technology/product acquisition. Crosshatch directs clients to and deploys state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions vetted by its experts, including open source intel analysis, social media monitoring, and cybersecurity systems
  • Ongoing support. Crosshatch can ensure that solutions continue to perform by providing periodic in-country review and follow-up services as needed.