Digital Advocacy and Reputation Management

Digital Advocacy

Digital advocacy has evolved to become one of the most powerful components of public relations, lobbying and image management worldwide. Within this expanding field, JWI’s Digital Advocacy offers a critical advantage: programs that uniquely combine targeted digital and social media tactics with JWI’s own international political and strategic expertise. The Digital Advocacy team monitors online activity for on-point discussions, then responds in the client’s name, ensuring that online communities come to respect our client as involved, informed and aware. Extremely efficient, each JWI program is a customized, high-performance outreach tool that instantly delivers targeted, persuasive messages to exactly the right audiences.

Brand development defines the image to be established and guides the advocacy strategy to be implemented.

Media monitoring of online news outlets, web pages (including those of government agencies and elected officials), blogs and social media, identifies clusters of relevant conversations to enter.

Websites that are designed, developed and maintained by the JWI team reach and engage targeted audiences, and evolve into a trusted information resource for interested and influential members of the online public.

Social media presence, maintained by JWI, ensures appropriate visibility on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Blogs, typically residing on a client’s website, are updated several times a week by the JWI team. When used in conjunction with social media, the blog attracts new visitors to the website and exponentially increases exposure to key messages.

Reputation Management

Especially in today’s pervasive, unregulated internet environment, an individual’s reputation can be damaged by anonymous and unscrupulous sources.  Negative postings can do serious harm to a person’s good name, livelihood and freedom of movement.  JWI’s reputation management program and digital advocacy capability, using factual data based on extensive research, counter malicious reporting and develop a positive image online and in traditional media, which subsequently can be leveraged to promote the client’s interests.