International Political Advocacy

Whether the ultimate goal is a favorable decision on a particular issue or support for a candidacy, JWI helps political movements and non-governmental organizations gain multi-national support. Our team develops politically astute and media-forward campaigns that echo across borders to reach voters and influence powerful audiences at home.

Building global support. JWI tactics include opening high-level channels of communications with U.S. and other nations’ government leaders, creating coalitions, advising election campaigns, and maintaining a robust media presence. We arrange presentations to think tanks, meetings with government officials, and interviews with influential traditional and electronic media journalists.

Online momentum. Operating simultaneously on multiple fronts, JWI develops websites and social media tools that create and mobilize virtual communities of support. JWI also creates a counter-force to misleading or false digital information that may be lodged in databases or posted online. Together, our efforts produce exposure, endorsements and enthusiasm for clients and their success.