JWI Media

The future of advocacy is visual: content that because of its visual dimension not only connects but convinces. JWI Media uniquely combines JWI experts in international intelligence, diplomacy, business, and security with award-winning visual media professionals. The result is powerful, persuasive messaging of a client’s positions through media campaigns that are expertly targeted, shaped, and placed to build support. Previous video production locations include U.S., UK, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium, Turkey, and Spain. Ongoing video production capabilities include access to studios and crews in North America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe; multi-lingual capabilities include English, French, and Arabic.

Video Advocacy. Engage. Inform. Influence.

JWI’s internationally recognized video professionals zoom in on compelling angles and details in a client’s message, crafting them into productions that seize attention and generate support.

Clips, documentaries, and series. Turnkey productions of 1-3 minute videos for social media, hour-long documentaries, and entire original series connect a client’s message with the largest possible audience. Documentaries and series, promoted to TV and online platforms as revenue generators, have appeared on various U.S. and international media outlets.

Over-the-top content (OTT)/Web TV Platforms. Whether designed to reach viewers several hours a week or 24/7, OTT/TV network platforms become trusted sources of customized content that simultaneously satisfy viewers’ interests and clients’ goals. JWI Media develops platforms and supports audience growth via social media.

Commercial campaigns. Standalone and series commercials, whether distributed on social media or through paid placement, add value to a business’s brand and engage customers as only good, market-savvy storytelling can.

Production consulting. A liaison between clients and third-party producers, JWI Media cost-effectively enlists and manages a world’s worth of skilled personnel and facilities.

Media Relations. Clients’ views, on view.

JWI Media works through local and global media to convey clients’ positions and offerings.

Messaging and placement. JWI and the JWI Media team formulate a client’s message, then identify angles of a story that appeal to media outlets and influence key audiences. JWI Media has arranged placement of client narratives, expert spokespeople, and appearances by a client’s own personnel on VOA News, Al Jazeera English, and MTV Lebanon.

Communications training. Clients master the skills needed to become their own best media spokespeople.

Digital Advocacy. Social media, unleashed.

Digital Advocacy is both an essential component of JWI Media activities and a major feature of JWI’s general business and political advocacy services. Often including original JWI Media video material, campaigns reach target audiences, ultimately shaping attitudes and driving rapid responses to particular issues.